The River Volta Review of Books (RVRB) editorial team is part of the English Department’s
MFA in Writing at the University of Saskatchewan.

Our editors

Book Reviews Editors:

Dawn Muenchrath is a writer originally from a farm in rural Alberta. She currently lives in Saskatoon where she is completing her MFA in Writing at the University of Saskatchewan. Her work has been published by Arc Poetry Magazine, Every Day Fiction and in media res. She likes running and has two cats.

Josiah Nelson is a second year MFA in Writing student at the University of Saskatchewan. He’s currently writing a collection of short stories exploring precarity, coming-of-age, and iconoclasm. His work has appeared in Exclaim!the Culture Crush, spring magazineFractured Lit, and the Rumpus, among others. He lives in Saskatoon.

Interviews Editor:

Walker Pityn is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Saskatchewan, where he writes poetry and realistic fiction. His stories explore coming of age, codependency, and anticipatory anxiety. His work has been published in in medias res. He is a contributing editor at ARC Poetry magazine.

Supervising Faculty: Sheri Benning