Submission Guidelines

The River Volta Review of Books is open for submissions.

We consider work from current graduate students in the Department of English and alumni from the MFA in Writing program at the University of Saskatchewan.

Book Reviews: We are looking for insightful reviews of 500-750 words. We prefer content focussed around recently published books, but if you have a strong review of an older book, we will definitely consider it! Please refer to our previously published book reviews for direction on formatting / structure.

Glossa: Your 700-1000-word essay can be a deep dive into an entire novel, a single poem, or somewhere in between, but must use MLA-style formatting and citations. We are interested in a range of creative registers; your essay might take the form of an academic exegesis or a personal exploration into your own responses to a creative work. For recent MFA graduates, excerpts from artist statements may be considered. In your essay, you might consider:

  • the compositional choices the author made and the effects of these choices;
  • elements of the writing process illuminated by the piece;
  • intersections of craft and thematic considerations within a piece;
  • a wider conversation regarding writing craft, a particular literary genre, and your own preoccupations

Interviews with the Writing Community: Your 800-1200-word interview with a member of the writing community at large can explore their oeuvre of work, any new or upcoming publications, their writing process or challenges, and advice on craft. Please see our past interviews for reference.


Please direct all questions to We will be publishing our Spring 2023 issue at the end of March.